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Discovering Gel Number Plates.

Gel number plates are an established, novel plate style in the world of auto accessories, providing a unique, cost-effective, and stylish method to display your car's registration number. They are sometimes called 3D gel number plates or gel resin plates. In contrast to printed plates, gel plates feature thick, high gloss raised (3D) characters, giving that exclusive & luxury 3D look. Gel plates are made of premium acrylic and resin. The high-quality materials ensure they are not only visually appealing, but also robust and highly resistant to the elements.

  • Highest Quality Materials & Production Techniques
  • Guaranteed For 2-Years
  • Fast Delivery — 1-2 days
  • 100% Road Legal & Compliant To BSAU145e
  • Uinque & Stylish Aesthetics

Why Should You Choose Gel Reg Plates?

Choosing to equip your car with a set of gel license plates can enhance the aesthetics and style of your car and showcase your style & individuality. Beyond just the looks, they are also very durable, simple to maintain, and are fully compliant with the DVLA regulations. At SurePlates, we offer high-quality, affordable gel number plates with a wide range of customisation options, making us the perfect choice for your number plate needs.

Use our plate builder above to craft a unique and personalised plate that suits your style and your car. With our plate builder, you can preview your plates in full 3D and see what they look like on your vehicle before buying. You can customise:

  • Plate Sizes
  • Flags
  • Markings Colour & Positions
  • Borders
  • Preview Live On Your Vehicle

Are Gel Number Plates Legal On UK Roads?

One of the most frequently asked questions we encounter is about the road legality of gel number plates. The answer is a definitive "yes" – they are 100% road legal and adhere to DVLA regulations. This includes the font size, colour, and character spacing. At SurePlates, all our 3D gel plates are produced in line with these rules & regulations, ensuring you remain compliant with the law.

  • Standard UK Oblong
  • Oversized Oblong For Larger Vehicles Or SUVs
  • Square Plates

Customising Your Gel Registration Plates.

Customisation is a key feature of our plate builder and gel plate offerings. We offer a wide array of options and configurations to make your plates unique. Choose from various styles and configurations such as border options, flags, and others to match your car. Our plate builder will let you design your plates exactly to your requirements while guaranteeing they stay road legal and complaint to the regulatory requirements.


How We Make Your Gel Plates.

The production process is simple, but rigorous and precise. Before we apply the digits, a reflective film is applied to the back of an acrylic blank and run through a laminator. The characters are made from vinyl-backed doming resin. They are gravity-levelled and cured in an oven at 30 degrees for several hours. This is in contrast to our 4D / 3D number plates, which are laser cut.

They are affixed to the surface of your plate using an accurate alignment jig to guarantee precise alignment and spacing standards. This production process is detailed and ensures durability and quality.

Gel Number Plate FAQs.

Can I add my own badges, logos, or slogans

Number plates are regulated so customisation is limited. Our builder will allow you to customise all the available options as much as they can be customised and personalised.

Can I choose the spacing of my characters

In-line with regulations, the spacing or your registration number must comply with the legal requirements. We will automatically space your registration to road legal requirements.

Can I have a different font

The Charles Wright font is the only legally allowable font that that can be displayed on UK roads – this is true whether it's a gel plate or not.

I only need a front/rear plate – how much does a single number plate cost

The cost for single plates is reduced by 50%. The exact cost depends on which plate style you choose when using our number plate maker.

What sizes are available

We currently offer the standard UK oblong, 4x4 square, and oversized oblong.

Are documents required when ordering

There is a document check in-line with regulations. Proof of registration and identity are required with your purchase.


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