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Replacement Number Plates

British Standards Compliant

High-Quality Replacement Number Plates

Replacement Number Plates

Why Replace Your Number Plates with SurePlates?

Is your vehicle due for replacement number plates? Over time, number plates can become worn, faded, cracked or damaged, making them difficult to read and potentially non-compliant with DVLA regulations. Driving with illegal plates could result in fines and penalty points.

When it's time to replace your plates, choosing a trusted supplier is crucial to ensure you get high-quality, fully road legal plates. At SurePlates, we specialise in premium replacement car number plates that are:

  • 100% compliant with DVLA and BSAU145e standards
  • Crafted from top-grade materials for durability
  • Available in a range of styles including standard and 4D plates
  • Guaranteed for 2 years against fading, cracking or peeling
  • Delivered fast, often in 1 working day

As a DVLA Registered Number Plate Supplier, we have the expertise to produce replacement plates for all types of vehicles. Whether you need front and rear plates, a replacement front number plate or plates for your truck or lorry, our customisation options ensure you get plates tailored to your needs.

Ordering your new set of replacement registration plates from SurePlates is quick and easy:

  • Enter your reg number into the plate builder
  • Customise your plates and add to basket
  • Confirm your shipping details and payment
  • Receive your new plates and fit them to your vehicle

Ready to upgrade? Build your replacement plates with SurePlates today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your plates are 100% road legal.

Create Your Perfect Set of Replacement Number Plates.

At SurePlates, we believe that replacement plates shouldn't just be functional - they should also reflect your personal style. That's why we've developed a user-friendly plate builder that allows you to customise your plates to your exact specifications.

Want to add a patriotic touch? Include a country or county flag alongside your reg number. Hoping to showcase your favorite automotive brand? Add a high-quality logo to your plates. Prefer a sleek, minimalist look? Opt for no border and a discreet positioning of your registration marks.

Our plate builder offers a wide range of customisation options, including plate sizes, 4D digit thickness, border styles and colors, registration marking colors and positioning, and more. You can even see a live 3D preview of how your plates in will look on your vehicle before placing your order.

Some of the things you can customise include:

  • Plate Sizes
  • 4D Digit Thickness
  • Flags
  • Borders
  • Markings Colour & Positions
  • Preview Live On Your Vehicle

Rest assured, all our customisation options are fully compliant with DVLA regulations and British Standard BS AU 145e. The plate builder automatically formats your registration number to ensure your replacement plates are always road legal.

Designing your perfect set of plates is quick, easy and fun. Start customizing now and create replacement plates that are as unique as your vehicle.

Replacement Number Plates
Top Quality Replacement Number Plates

How Your Replacement Number Plates Are Made.

Depending on what style you choose, a variety of production methods are available. For basic printed plates, a thermal printer is used to print your plates onto reflective vinyl. This is laminated to an acrylic blank and run through a manual winder to bond the two together.

For premium characters, we laser cut and bond the digits to the surface of your plate. Accurate alignment jigs are used to ensure alignment and spacing requirements are met.

Your new plates are available in a range of sizes, including:

  • Standard UK Oblong
  • Oversized Oblong For Larger Vehicles Or SUVs
  • Square Plates

Will My Plates Be Road Legal?

Yes, when you buy number plates from SurePlates, we guarantee to produce only road legal and compliant number plates. Our plate builder will automatically space your registration number to the legal requirements and adjust all your options and configurations to ensure they are in-line with the DVLA regulations and BS AU 145e standards (note: bs au 145d is withdrawn and no longer current).

Replacement Car Number Plates
Replacement Number Plates UK

Why Choose SurePlates?

At SurePlates, we recognise how crucial it is for your new car number plates to be both functional and attractive. To meet the demands of each customer, we offer a wide selection of configurations and options to choose from. We manufacture high-quality materials such as premium acrylic and industrial-grade resin (for gel plates). Additionally, we guarantee legal compliance with all orders, ensuring you stay on the right side of the law when your new reg plate arrives.

Additionally, when you order your new registration plates from us, we guarantee fast production and despatch times and competitive prices that make us the ideal choice. Build your new road legal plates now using our number plate builder above.

Replacement Number Plates FAQs.

Can I add my own badges, logos, or slogans

Number plates are regulated so customisation is limited. Our builder will allow you to customise all the available options as much as they can be customised and personalised.

I need my number plates next day

Orders placed before 3 pm are despatched the same day (Mon-Fri). Delivery depends on which shipping method you use on checkout. Delivery is typically 1-2 working days by Royal Mail.

Can I choose the spacing of my characters

In-line with regulations, the spacing or your registration number must comply with the legal requirements. We will automatically space your registration to road legal requirements.

I only need a front/rear plate – how much does a single number plate cost

The cost for single plates is reduced by 50%. The exact cost depends on which plate style you choose when using our number plate maker.

What size plates are available

We currently offer the standard UK oblong, 4x4 square, and oversized oblong.

Are documents required when ordering

There is a document check in-line with regulations. Proof of registration and identity are required with your purchase.

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