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⚠ We will automatically space your registration number to legal requirements. Please note custom spacing is not available.

Plate Size (mm) Size (in.)
Standard Oblong 520 x 111 20.4 x 4.3
Oversized Oblong 533 x 152 21 x 6
Standard Square 305 x 210 12 x 8.2

Yes - every option in this builder is road legal and compliant to the regulations. We make all of our number plates in compliance to the British standard (BS AU 145e:2018) and we are registered with the DVLA as a number plate supplier. You can find us on the register here.

All our plates are made of impact-modified acrylic (PMMA) with a retro-reflective vinyl backing bonded with an optically clear 3M adhesive.

4D characters are made from black acrylic and are available in 3 or 5 mm thickness. They are laser-cut and bonded using a high-strength adhesive by 3M.

Gel characters are made from polyurethane doming resin and black vinyl. They are domed, left to set, then oven-cured. They have a high-gloss finish and are bonded using high strength adhesive by 3M.

4D Gel:
4D gel characters are made by combining 4D Laser (3 mm) and Gel characters in a placement jig. They combine the thick 3D aesthetic of 4D with high-gloss gel creating a thick, glossy character.

Bespoke customisations, shapes, and sizes are not available for number plates. If the plate builder doesn't show an option, then it isn't available.

All number plates must display the supplier's name & postcode in the bottom center, and the component manufacturer's name & British standard in the bottom right-hand corner.

This is a legal requirement, so we cannot remove the markings. However, we do make them as small as legally allowed (3 mm in height) to minimise their appearance.

If you need your plates to be different (for example, you want a flag only on the rear plate), you can choose "No Front Plate" or "No Rear Plate" to configure a single plate and add it to your basket. Then come back and configure the other side and add that to your basket.

You can add as many single plates or sets of plates to your basket as required - the basket price will be the same.

Note: Be sure not to checkout your plates individually as you will be charged shipping per transaction and separate orders are not guaranteed to ship together.

A free fixing kit is included with every number plate order which includes screws and screw caps to match the plates.

Self-adhesive foam pads are also included, but are only for use with standard printed plates. For 4D or Gel, ensure the plates are drilled and screwed down.

At each step of the ordering process, from this builder page, to our internal production system, we ensure your registration number is spaced to the proper legal requirements.

Customising the spacing is not allowed by law, and this builder will not allow progression to the checkout with an invalid registration number.

The "krystal 4D" plates are not road legal as they do not comply with the regulations. The rules require all characters to be black - colour is not permitted.

They were controversially available under the previous British standard, but the rules were updated by DVLA in September 2021. We may bring these back as a show plate option in the future.

Vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions may display a green flash (strip) on the left-hand side of their number plate to showcase their vehicle's 'green' status.

The green flash can optionally be combined with a flag & country code.


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