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Royal Mail Tracking FAQs

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For a full explanation of tracking message meanings, please visit Royal Mail

My Royal Mail tracking status says "Item Despatched to Royal Mail" and isn't changing, what does this mean?

We dispatch orders to Royal Mail up to 6PM daily (Monday — Friday). While in transit to Royal Mail, the tracking status will display this message. If the message does not update after a day or two, this is because Royal Mail has not processed the parcel yet.

This can happen when delays occur in the parcel network. Strikes, public holidays, and busy periods such as Christmas can cause this to happen.

If you have been given a Royal Mail tracking number, we have dispatched your order.

My order has been signed for by someone else / I don't recognise the signature

The Royal Mail is still signing on behalf of customers because of COVID-19 in some cases. The signature may display as CV19 in this instance, or the postperson may ask for your name and then sign on your behalf.

If you have not signed for your parcel and cannot find it in a safe space, please check your address is correct. You can find your address on your order confirmation, or by submitting the order tracking form above order above.

If you are certain your parcel has been signed for by someone else, you cannot locate it in a safespace, with a family member, or with a neighbour, please contact us.

The tracking page says 'The service used to send this item only provides an update once we have received the item in our network.'

This message normally shows when the parcel is not scanned-in at the mail centre. This does not mean your order hasn't been dispatched.

My tracking status hasn't updated for many days

If there are backlogs or delays in the parcel network, this can cause your tracking status to stay the same for several days. This will happen more when there are public holidays or during holiday seasons such as Easter or Christmas. If you think there may be a problem, please contact us.

Every day my tracking status updates with the same message but my order doesn't get delivered

We haven't had an official explanation for this problem, but we have found this normally happens when the parcel becomes lost in the delivery network. If this happens with your order, please contact us.